Jeudi le 28 juin 2018 vous êtes invités à la conférence de Tim qui nous présentera en anglais “Red Teaming Social Media”

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Eventbrite - QuebecSec 2018

Red Teaming Social Media

Since the US election of 2016, online disinformation and the weaponization of social media have been thrust into the international spotlight. Information security professionals are in a unique position to understand and counter these malicious influences. This conference is an introductory look at threat modeling “red team” tactics on social networks, and how they might be detected and countered to protect the integrity of federal and provincial elections in Canada.

Par: Tim

Trust & Safety at social media platform (prefer not to make public which).


Après Rencontre

  • Quoi: Souper et bière au Plywood à la pyramide à Stainte-Foy
  • Heure: 20h30

Crédit photo: CC FlickR thenationalguard